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Multiplying Fractions: A 48 Question Chaos-Free Card Game

Could your students use extra practice in multiplying fractions? Tired of same-old-same-old worksheets?  This 48 question activity is for you.  It is student tested, student approved and has many years of research behind it.  This is a Teams Games Tournament strategy in which 2 students play against 2 other students in a fun, yet organized game. The students check the answers themselves, so it gives teachers the time to circulate around the classroom and help students if needed.  The rules of the game are easy:

  1. Group A draws a card from a deck of cards.
  2. All 4 students answer the corresponding question which is provided in the resource booklet.
  3. Team A checks the answer, if correct they get one point.
  4. If incorrect, Team B has the opportunity to win a REBOUND point.
  5. Next, Team B draws the next card and the process repeats until the teacher calls time and Team B has the last chance to draw the card so it is a fair process.
  6. FUN part – Jacks are WILD, so the game can turn at any time!
  7. Then, the teacher pairs up winners to play other winners in teams of 2, and the other students are paired up for the last round.
  8. When the teacher calls TIME, the final champs are declared!

Full directions, question booklets and answers are provided in the resource below.  This resource is fully EDITABLE so you can adjust it for your students if necessary.


mult fractions cover


CHAOS FREE MATH GAME – Classroom Ready – Differentiated – Teachers/Student Tested – Answers included




Click on the image above to see more details about this fun yet effective classroom resource!

This activity covers:
* multiplying a fraction by a fraction, then simplifying the answer to a fraction or mixed number
* multiplying a mixed number by a mixed number, then simplifying the answer to a mixed or whole number

Package includes:
* rationale: how to use the product in the classroom.
* student Instruction handout
* practical Tips for Teachers
* a package of 48 editable questions divided into the following categories
♣ 12 fraction x fraction questions
12 fraction x mixed number questions
12 mixed number x mixed number
♠ 12 mixed number x mixed number
* answer key for all 48 questions
* 2 blank student response sheets
* student sample response sheet


A great game for learning multiplication of fractions and mixed numbers. Can be used as:
* Game for 1,2 or 4 players
* Peer Tutoring Game
* Home Schooling
* Stations
* Worksheets
* Differentiation


This is a Teams-Games-Tournament in which one pair of students competes against another. The first team selects a card from a deck of cards and answers the matching question on the activity sheet(example 4 of hearts). The 2 students work cooperatively to obtain an answer. If correct they get a point, if not the other team can get the rebound point. Then team 2 selects a card, discusses the answer and so on. It is cooperative because the 2 students work together, yet competitive because it pits one team against another. The students have fun and get the math work done.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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MatheMatters by Jacquie

Reference on the research behind this strategy

Cooperative Learning: Theory Research and Practice by Robert E. Slavin. Published by Allyn and Bacon, 1990.

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