Learning Styles

Learning Styles: An Effective Visual for Your Class


All students have different learning styles; knowing one’s preferred learning style helps in a student’s meta-cognition. As a classroom teacher, if I am aware of the class distribution of styles, I CAN ensure I cover all the bases! There are many online tools to survey the students, the categories may vary, but essentially include: VISUAL, TACTILE AND AUDITORY.

Today I had my students fill in the survey, tally up where they stood as far as learning styles go and we discussed the learning strategies that go along with each style.  As predicted not one of the 30 students had just ONE style alone.  I then gave each student 4 blue sticker dots, they were then asked to place dots in the category that best describes their learning style, I told them they did not have to put all 4 in one category, they could spread them out!  When you look closely, some even split up the dots to ensure an accurate depiction of their style!

This chart is on my front chalk board now – I constant reminder to me to ensure I always consider the 3 types of learning styles, and a reminder to all of my students to be mindful of their style also.  Of interest was the fact that the class was almost equally split between the two learning styles!

For a one page handout of the instructions on how to run this activity, please contact me, I’d love to help you set this up in your classroom!

Happy Teaching,


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