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10 Steps to Improving Your Math Mark

A very important idea:  “You learn math by doing”: actively paying attention in class, actively studying, and working through all assigned work. If you want to be good at tennis, it is not enough to watch tennis how-to videos over and over again, the same is with math – you must practice.   If you find yourself struggling to do well in math class, check out these tips.

  1. Remember That Math Is Cumulative:  Math courses follow a natural progression – each one builds upon the knowledge you’ve gained and mastered from the previous course. If you are finding it tough to follow new concepts in class, pull out your old math notes, look up ideas on YouTube or TeacherTube and review previous material to refresh yourself.
  1. Review Notes The Night Before Class :  Go over the lesson’s notes, highlight them, make a study booklet or flash cards. Sometimes your teacher can help you at lunch with these skills. Click here for FREE instructions on how to make a foldable for studying.
  1. Do Homework…Even When It’s Not Assigned: The thought of doing homework every night may seem annoying, but if you want to succeed in math, it is important that you continuously practice and master the problem-solving methods.
  1. Read Ahead To Stay Ahead: If you want to lessen your in-class workload or the time you spend on homework, use your free time after school or on the weekends to read ahead to the chapters and concepts that will be covered the next time you are in class.  Some teachers give unit outlines and plans, so use them to your benefit!


  1. Review Your Old Tests, Quizzes, Notes and Classroom Examples: The work you do in class, for homework, and on quizzes can offer clues to what your midterm or final exam will look like. Use your old tests and classwork to create a personal study guide for your upcoming exam.
  1. Learn to Work By the Clock: This is a popular study tip for people taking timed exams; especially standardized tests. If you only have 40 minutes for a 100-point test, then you can optimally spend 4 minutes on each 10-point question.
  1. Maximize Your Resources to Get Help: If you’re having a hard time understanding concepts in class, then be sure to get help outside of class. Ask your friends to create a study group.
  1. Talk To Yourself: When you are reviewing problems for an exam, try to explain out loud what strategy and methods you used to get your solutions. There is pedagogic research that indicates you learn while explaining the answers to someone else, or saying it out loud! Maybe you are an auditory learner, check here for  a quiz.
  1. Teacher Website: Some teachers have websites where class notes, upcoming reminders are located here.  Please use the site to get caught up and check for news.
  1. GRIT: Remember that sticking with the work, practicing and not giving up are all major indicators of being successful in math class, and any endeavor in life! Here are some extra practice math games for Grade 5-8.

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