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Chaos Free Math Game: Learn & Have Fun

Why not have fun while learning important math processes?

This is the only game that my students ask for, time and time again.  No kidding! Whether it is grade 9 math or the grade 12s.  They will say, “What was that card game we played last year, can we play it again, it helped me learn”!

I have to confess that this game is my favorite also.  It takes a lot of time to prepare, but once it is created, it can be used over and over again.  The reason it is a successful strategy is because it combines competition with co-operation.  Johnson and Johnson (The Nuts and Bolts of Cooperative Learning) cite the research behind this powerful combination of strategies.

The teaching strategy is Teams Games Tournament and was developed by Slavin in the 1960s, but has held the test of time.  Here is a link to a pre-made resource on Solving equations and it is EDITABLE.

The game can be differentiated also, which is very valuable for diverse classes.  The students play 2 against 2.  The first pair selects a card from a set of playing cards, and then reads the corresponding question from the prepared question booklet. So if a 7 of Diamonds is pulled, there is a question in the package next to 7 of Diamonds. All four students answer the question, but the first team has the first chance to gain the point if they are correct.  An answer sheet is provided in the package.  Then the next team goes, and the process repeats itself.  I then have a round 2 where the winners of round 1 are paired up, and the non-winners are paired up for another round.  The differentiates the games also.

The game I developed has each suit with a different topic:

12 questions: One step: add/subtract or dividing
12 questions: Two step: add/subtract followed by multiply or divide
♠ 12 questions: Two step with fractions in question, answer whole #
♣ 12 questions: Two step with fractions in question, answer fraction

This can be used for:

– Early Finishers
– Math Centers
– Game format:1, 2 or 4 players
– Worksheet
– Peer Tutoring
– Homeschooling
– Stations
– Differentiated Learning
– Student Activity when you are away from the Classroom!

A rigorous 60 MINUTE activity. CHAOS-FREE Math Game { Students Self Check Answers }

Quotes from TpT purchasers:

“Creative, nothing like it! Lots of questions, kids had fun and practiced at the same time”
“I left this for my student-teacher, and it worked very well – thanks for the clear instructions. kids had fun too!”
“My students love this activity.”


{ Classroom Ready } { Student Tested } { Student Approved }

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Enjoy and Happy Teaching,


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