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Dividing Fractions: For Homeschooling

Fractions – nothing elicits more emotional responses than FRACTIONS! Many students struggle with the operations of fractions, especially Dividing the fractions.  Not only is the division a little involved, but what if there is a mixed number divided by a mixed number.  This, in my opinion, is the most difficult.

The game suggested here, gives students the practice with working with mixed fractions and reduced fractions, 48 questions.  The game can be played with one other person or can be played solo.  Students can check their own answers.  The student uses a deck of playing cards, shuffle the deck and draw one card.  The booklet of questions are grouped by type of card drawn and the student answers the corresponding question from the booklet.  An answer sheet is provided and a full set of instructions.

Here are some comments from those who have used the product:

Just tried this out today – instructions were great – I handed out the hand out to the kids, and it went well. thanks

Great practice and fun too!

Great addition to my unit. Thanks

Used it on a Friday – work like a charm! kids had fun, and they worked…. win – win 🙂

Wow- a lot of fun, yet curriculum too – thanks.

Here is a link to the product.  48 Questions Dividing Fractions Game




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