Subtracting Fractions: Best Game for Reinforcing Key Concepts

What better way to consolidate skills than with a game?

Research has proven that when students work in a team, they feel safe and will discuss mathematical concepts more frequently than if they are put in a purely competitive environment (Johnson and Johnson, 1989).  However, with the addition of the competitive element, this learning becomes fun! When one team competes against another team the perfect combination of optimal learning and fun occurs.  This combination of Cooperation and Competition makes learning fun while consolidating key concepts.

The combination of cooperation and competition is found in the strategy called “Teams-Games-Tournament” (Devries et al, 1980) in which one pair of students competes against another pair of students. The first team selects a card from a deck of cards and answers the matching question from a question booklet (see below). The student records his/her answer on an activity sheet.  The 2 students work cooperatively to…

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