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Uber Worksheets: Solving Equations {One and Two Step Equations}

Practice, practice and more practice.  Sometimes students just need a little more reinforcement of a skill, and practice is the way to cement in those skills.  The teacher could have presented the most engaging, interactive lesson possible, but now it is time to really instill the skills.  The concept of GRIT applies fully to mathematics.  OK sure, we need to be creative, problem solvers, BUT, basic skills are needed to become an epic problem solver, so sometimes practice is needed to consolidate the basic skills.  The following is a resource that is EDITABLE and DIFFERENTIATED that is excellent for this purpose.  It is not meant to be a lesson, rather, 48 questions to practice the skills.


Practice Can Be Beneficial For:


* Homework   * Review   * Peer Tutoring   * Homeschooling   * Stations  * Worksheets   *Differentiation   * Early Finishers   * Milestones Review  * Math Intervention  * Student Activity when you are away from the Classroom!


I have found that extra practice can increase a students confidence.  They tackle the problems, can self check the answers and get immediate feedback.  We know in our hearts when a concept is solidified or not, and this product can help increase students confidence  in solving the one and two step equations.

The questions are grouped into 4 categories, increasing in difficulty so that the teacher can differentiate the activity.  The categories are listed below:

* 12 questions on solving one step equations without fractions (negatives included)

* 12 questions on solving two step equations with fractions in the equation

* 12 questions on solving two step equations that produce a fractional answer

* 12 Combination Questions Here are a few samples of the questions on the Uber-worksheets

2x = 78                    -3c = 48            4 = x + 9  

4x + 2 = 42               1/3x + 2 = 10           -5y = 2y – 14



Here is a sample of the product pages

Full answers included for each worksheet also.



This product includes 48 questions that are grouped by difficulty level and are EDITABLE. You can mix up all the questions, leave them in the differentiated worksheets or you can make them more difficult or simple by editing. Editable resource is in PowerPoint format.

NOTE: The concept of Distribution and expansion of brackets is NOT included in this product. Please check the preview for sample questions.


{ Classroom Ready } { Student Tested } { Student Approved }

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