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Concept Attainment in Math Education

Developing Conceptual Thinking: The Concept Attainment Model Effective teaching in mathematics requires conceptual learning, inductive thinking, cooperative learning, critical thinking and dialogue in the classroom. The concept attainment model embodies all of these attributes. The following paper will summarize the theory and four phases of concept attainment as outlined in the research article ‚ÄúDeveloping Conceptual… Continue reading Concept Attainment in Math Education

Learning Styles

Learning Styles: An Effective Visual for Your Class

All students have different learning styles; knowing one's preferred learning style helps in a student's meta-cognition. As a classroom teacher, if I am aware of the class distribution of styles, I CAN ensure I cover all the bases! There are many online tools to survey the students, the categories may vary, but essentially include: VISUAL,… Continue reading Learning Styles: An Effective Visual for Your Class

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Exponent Rules: An Effective Review Game

Have you ever tried to use a Math Review game in class and it ended in CHAOS? If so, you need to try this Teams Games Tournament strategy for reviewing important concepts. ¬†The game has 48 questions dealing with multiplying powers dividing powers power to the power combination questions   The students pair up, then… Continue reading Exponent Rules: An Effective Review Game