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Subtracting Fractions: Best Game for Reinforcing Key Concepts

Subtracting Fractions game that uses cooperative learning. This method is called Teams Games Tournament TGT. It combines competition with cooperation to add up to a fun way to review math fractions.

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10 Steps to Improving Your Math Mark

A very important idea:  “You learn math by doing”: actively paying attention in class, actively studying, and working through all assigned work. If you want to be good at tennis, it is not enough to watch tennis how-to videos over and over again, the same is with math - you must practice.   If you… Continue reading 10 Steps to Improving Your Math Mark

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Integers: Teaching Tips and Effective Resources!

As a parent or teacher, have you ever had to explain and re-explain Adding and Subtracting Integers? Why do two negatives make a positive… are two methods that are clear for the students to understand. Let’s consider the following two examples. Example 1: 5 – 4 Example 2: 5 – (-4) Conceptualizing Example 1 is fairly straight forward… we can […]

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Exponent Rules: An Effective Review Game

Have you ever tried to use a Math Review game in class and it ended in CHAOS? If so, you need to try this Teams Games Tournament strategy for reviewing important concepts.  The game has 48 questions dealing with multiplying powers dividing powers power to the power combination questions   The students pair up, then… Continue reading Exponent Rules: An Effective Review Game