Feedback from Parents/Teachers

Quotes from TpT purchasers:

“I have used this resource in my classroom this past year and the students enjoyed it. I love how thorough and complete it is with everything you need to implement.”

“This is one of the best resources I have bought from TPT! Thank you!” 2018

“Great activity! Thanks for making it editable!” 2018

“Good change of pace” 2018

“Great resource!” 2018

“Thank you! It is so difficult to find resources that apply multiple rules with no negatives.” 2018

“I love this product and so do my students. If I had assigned 50 problems it would have been a nightmare, but instead, they ask if they could “play” again tomorrow! Very creative and gave me the opportunity to have those teachable moments. I used this in my 8th grade classroom and the students were so proud of themselves! The peer teaching was awesome. Thanks for the “last minute” help from TPT, my dull lesson became FUN.” 2017

“Outstanding! This is a great independent activity for small groups!” January 13, 2018

“Great product!” February 26, 2018

“Awesome! Used cards in math during my elementary days and transitioning into middle school, I wondered how to bring math alive. This helps a great deal”

“My students had fun with this activity. I like that they were able to practice and get immediate feedback.”

Comment: “I got excited when I seen this. Looks to be a great way to get students engaged, who doesn’t like a game? Can’t wait to try this tomorrow. ”
Rating: 4.0